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Ibiza is well know for attracting and calling powerful women around the world that become obsessed by the idea of moving on the island. This is where they develop their strength and creativity and are able to empower themselves. Often the male partners of these women move to Ibiza and soon get “lost” on the island of perdition. The abusive energy of the male (triangle in the circle pattern) is often suffered deeply from the woman in the relationship. She absorbs her man’s sufferance and hate, as you see into her androgynous look.


Often the man leaves and abandons himself by following his addictions and the woman grows out and empowers herself even more.


"Masculine over Feminine Energy"

SKU: 364215376135199
600,00 €Price

    Mixed media on paper - Grafite, markers and watercolours

    Size - 29,7x 42 cm

  • Order sent within 3-5 days. Basic framing included.

    An email will be sent once the piece is sent.

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